In House Custom Granite & Quartz Fabrication and Installation

Visalia Ceramic Tile specializes in custom solid surface stone countertops for all commercial projects such as restaurant kitchens and restroom vanities and specialty items such as outdoor barbecues and countertops.


As a manufactured countertop, quartz doesn’t have some of the drawbacks of natural solid surfaces like marble or granite. It withstands chips and cracks while offering an appearance that looks a bit more natural than other engineered solid surface countertops. Quartz is non-porous, so it resists stains better than natural stone surfaces, which means it doesn’t harbor bacteria and germ growth after cleaning.

Quartz countertops don’t require the upkeep that marble and granite does because they don’t require a sealant coat added periodically because of their non-porous surface. Like granite, quartz is also scratch- and mold-resistant, but unlike granite and marble, it is also chemical-resistant. Quartz also resists stains like tomato, wine, juices and coffee that easily seep into unprotected porous granite and marble. It ranks high up on the luxury list with marble, granite, concrete and other brand-name engineered surfaces.

Quartz is one of the earth’s hardest surfaces, which makes it an ideal and durable option for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Quartz is a nonporous, eco-friendly surface that has a unique blend of beauty and functionality, so it is an attractive and practical choice for any lifestyle.


What is it about granite that is so special? It’s UNIQUENESS! Since granite is 100% natural, no piece is alike, every block is different and carries its characteristics and some kind of history behind it.

Granite is a truly unique type of material that many homeowners choose to get for their home because it is strong, scratch-resistant and resistant to heat. Not to mention the stone has some amazing designs in it that can dazzle your eye and really make your kitchen look amazing

Granite is one of the hardest substances in the world. In fact, the only thing that is harder than granite is diamonds. This is what makes granite so sought after as a countertop. For the simple fact that it is extremely durable and it cannot be damaged by scratching. You can cut on a granite countertop because it is so hard and durable.

Natural granite is a material with naturally occurring variations in color, tone, granularity and pattern; no two stones are exactly alike. When selecting your stone the variance in hue you can expect from each natural granite color ranges from piece to piece.

No matter what the economy looks like, homeowners recognize that granite countertops enhance the value of their homes. Furthermore Consumers who are remodeling their kitchen see granite countertops as a safe investment in their home. They prefer natural stone to other materials because they understand it pays for itself in terms of higher resale value.


Marble is a metamorphic, crystalline rock formed by the intrusion of an igneous rock into a limestone stone mass. The heat and pressure of such an event alters the original molecular structure of the calcite present in the limestone and causes re-crystallization of the calcite and the formation of new minerals. The result is marble with the much appreciated characteristics of heavy veining and wide range of colors.

Marble surfaces take a high polish but are not very hard and scratch easily. Its natural composition makes marble an easy target for acids normally found in food and cleaning products. The acids etch the marble surface, damaging the polished finish. Marble is a porous stone and requires preventative sealing with silicone-based impregnators. With proper maintenance using neutral products, marble performs extremely well. It is not recommended for use in kitchens.

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